I received my first Dungeon Crate yesterday, and the theme was dragons. First off, there was a mini-catapult that can roll a d20. There are 4 dragon breath weapon tokens (fire, poison, acid, small fire) from Advanced Deployment. They are made of acrylic and look great. There is also a Daenerys Tagaryen, Mother of Dragons Meereen gold coin from Shire Post Mint. You can’t go wrong with Game of Thrones.

However, what made this crate stand out are the 3 Wyrmling Dragon miniatures from Reaper. Each mini is unpainted, but each is labeled a color (green, blue, and black). I plan on undercoating them white, then giving each model the suggested color wash. After that, they’ll get a snow themed base and find a place in my eventual Frostgrave campaign.

Overall, I’m very impressed Dungeon Crate.You really can’t go wrong with three minis, which means everything else was a bonus. I’d never buy any of these things individually, but I actually have a use for everything I received.  I can’t wait to see what is in next month’s crate.

And I almost forgot, there is a digital crate with a password.