rogue-one-openPart two of my birthday card haul was a hobby box of Rogue One: Mission Briefing. Since this is the first card set to feature Rogue One, I was really excited to see what Topps had cooked up. They didn’t disappoint.

The base set is 110 cards with the same red border design used in Topps Return of the Jedi (1983). There are several different color parallel sets. The grey, gold and orange bordered inserts only come in hobby packs.

  • Death Star: 1 in 2 packs or 12 per box
  • Blue 1 in 4 packs or six per box
  • Grey numbered to 100
  • Gold numbered to 50
  • Orange numbered 1/1

In addition to the border colored inserts, there are eight regular insert sets.

  • The Death Star (9 cards)
  • Comic Strips (12 cards)
  • Heroes of the Rebel Alliance (9 cards)
  • Villains of the Galactic Empire (8 cards)
  • Character Stickers (18 cards)
  • Montages (9 cards)
  • Foil ( 9 cards)
  • Patch (13 cards)

This set offers 74 autograph pulls. Even more intriguing, hobby packs offer possible multi-signature cards. Considering the numbers and variations, this is one of the most autograph-rich releases Topps has offered.

Anyway, here is my box breakdown.

2016 Rogue One: Mission Briefing Hobby Box

  • Complete set
  • Spares: 26 doubles
  • Death Star: 12 cards
  • Blue: 6 cards
  • Green: 8 cards
  • Patch: K-2So
  • Grey: card 52 numbered 59/100
  • Autograph: Dave Barclay (Puppeteer for Jabba the Hutt) numbered 01/25

To be honest, I am not a big fan of this release. There are a lot of cool cards and some neat collecting combinations, but this set feels too busy. There is just way too much going on. I’ve written earlier that I’m not a fan of 1/1 card releases. The idea of collecting is to build a set. You really can’t do that with this release.

If you want to build these sets, it is much easier and cheaper to get them at local card shops or on eBay. That being being said, I’d probably buy another box if the price was right.