In my ongoing list of stalled projects, I have three black powder pistol kits. The first two, a Classic Arms Ethan Allen Pepperbox Pistol Kit and a Classic Arms Snake Eyes Pistol Kit, were purchased around 2006. Despite having them for years, I’ve failed to make time to build them. The other gun, a Classic Arms Twister Pistol Kit, was purchased in 2015.

I’ve researched all three guns, but there isn’t much information on these particular kits. They look fairly simplistic, but they are rough. They don’t shoot very accurately, which is fine. The original guns weren’t very accurate after three feet. They were intended to be belly guns.

I really want to get these guns built this year. After some deliberation, I’ve decided to start with the Snake Eyes. A .36 caliber side by side made of brass, it looks like the easiest to build. There aren’t many parts and, to be honest, the brass should polish up nicely.

Can’t wait to get started.